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June 7th 2008 - Otani Day

A Day to celebrate the the life of Otani Tomio Hanshi. To Be held at the Yodokan Honbu in Abercarn Wales.

July 12th 2008 - Tenshin Ryu Seminar
Tenshin Ryu Iaido and Iaijutsu seminar to be held in Croydon, London

October 18th 2008 - Budo Course

  2nd Anniversary of the Yodokan Association and Budo course to be held in Croydon, London.
arrow November 15th 2008 - Winter Budo Course
  To be held at Yodokan Honbu in Abercarn Wales. November 16th Waterfall Training.

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The 7th October 2006 saw the re-establishment of the Yodokan Budo Association , first established by Otani Tomio in the early eighties the basis of the Yodokan is in Kyushindo which was founded by Abbe Kenshiro.

It was in 2005 that Hanshi Wayne Taylor thought to start a new organisation after the death of Kancho Alfred Bates, during talks with myself it was decided that we should re-establish the Yodokan bringing together people who had a connection with Otani Sensei and the teachers who were connected with his line.

The date for the opening was set and the work began we contacted dojo heads who were connected to the previous Yodokan organisation.

The day started with a formal Harai no gi (opening ceremony) followed by demonstration of skill by the Dojo’s these were ;

Iaido, by Tsunami Yodokan, chief instructor Kyoshi Mike Selvey.

Aikido, by Mushin Yodokan,( London) chief instructor Renshi Mo Emblem.

Judo, by Yamabushi Yodokan, chief instructor Renshi Tony Blake.

Karate, by Mushin Yodokan ( Wales) chief instructor Hanshi Wayne Taylor.

Kobudo, by Tsunami Yodokan, chief instructor Kyoshi Mike Selvey.

After lunch there were teaching sessions in each discipline, this was a bit of a squeeze as everyone wanted to attend every subject, finally there was an award ceremony, grades awarded were;-

Glenn Coxon , Nidan Doshi Iaido.

Tony Blake, Yondan Renshi Judo.

Mo Emblem, Yondan Renshi Aikido.

Rick Domfe, Godan Renshi Aikido.

Mike Selvey, Rokudan Kyoshi, Budo.

I was very proud to accept the award given to me as it was the last wish of my friend and Teacher Hanshi Tudor Box that I was to be granted this grade, he called on Hanshi Taylor and some of his high ranking Yudansha to attend a meeting at his home a few months before he died, he awarded me the grade and called on Hanshi Taylor to second his wish. As the opening of the Yodokan was about honouring the past Masters it was a fitting time to accept this grade.

The day finished with Osame no gi (closing ceremony) everyone was overwhelmed with the success of the day.

I was very proud to be part of the original Yodokan and I am just as proud to be part of the re-established organisation, I have had very positive feedback from all who attended, I can see great things in the future for the Yodokan Budo Association.

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