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June 7th 2008 - Otani Day

A Day to celebrate the the life of Otani Tomio Hanshi. To Be held at the Yodokan Honbu in Abercarn Wales.

July 12th 2008 - Tenshin Ryu Seminar
Tenshin Ryu Iaido and Iaijutsu seminar to be held in Croydon, London

October 18th 2008 - Budo Course

  2nd Anniversary of the Yodokan Association and Budo course to be held in Croydon, London.
arrow November 15th 2008 - Winter Budo Course
  To be held at Yodokan Honbu in Abercarn Wales. November 16th Waterfall Training.

arrow Fight Mag Website
  Sensei Mike Selvey regularly contributes articles. Free to access, a site for all things Martial Arts
Suppliers of Swords and equipment
For all martial arts goods.
Supplies of fantasy swords as well as Japanese Katana.
Japanese site for all things Iaido
Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK)
Official website of the DNBK International Division. Link removed by request
arrow Seishin Judo and Iaido
  Bruce Scrivens 5th Dan, website for Judo and Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido
arrow Aikido in Norwich
  Sensei Steve Fyffe 4th Dan Aikido and Cane master blind from birth studies aikido, cane and Tenshin Ryu Iaido
arrow Yamabushi Yodokan Website
  Website link for judo and Tenshin Ryu Iaido


Mike Selvey, 6th Dan Kyoshi.

Date of birth, 08/03/56.
Date commenced training…..1972.
Current grades;-
Godan Iaido, DNBK, Hanshi Hamada. Awarded at 3rd World Butokusai, Kyoto, Japan. April 2008
Nidan Cane, by Canemaster and Director for cane in the UK Steve Fyffe
Black Belt Cane, by Cane masters founder Master Mark Shuey
Rokudan Kyoshi, Budo, Yodokan, Hanshi Wayne Taylor .
Godan Renshi, Iaido, T.B.C.I, Kancho Alfred Bates.
Yondan Renshi, Iaido, D.N.B.K, Hanshi Hamada.
Yondan Renshi, Budo, (judo, kendo, iaido, aikido), Yodokan, Hanshi Wayne Taylor.
Yondan Renshi, Kobudo, (jo,bo,nunchaku,tonfa,tantojutsu),Yodokan, Hanshi Wayne Taylor.
Nidan, Judo, B.J.A, B.J.C, & T.B.C.I, Kancho Alfred Bates & Sensei Eric Dominy.
Nidan Budo, (Judo, Kendo, Iaido, Aikido) Yodokan, Otani Tomio Hanshi
Currently Chief Instructor at

Tsunami Yodokan ,and Yamabushi Yodokan. teaching :-

Iaido , Iaijutsu , Kobudo, Jujitsu, Aikijutsu , Strategy, Japanese history , Etiquette , Close quarter combat , Mental and physical aspects of combat.

Conduct Seminars held across Britain, Europe,and U.S.A.
I have Articles published on Swordsmanship and Japanese history in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine and Fightmag online magazine.
Style;- Tenshin ryu Iaido, Iaijutsu, & Yodokan Budo as taught by my Teacher Hanshi Otani Tomio, and his teacher Kenshiro Abbe 10 th Dan Docho.
Affiliated to D.N.B.K & Yodokan Budo Association.
Received outstanding Instructor leadership Award, and Inspirational Effort and Dedication Award, D.N.B.K 2006.

Mike Jump Cut

Kyoshi Selvey performing the Iaijutsu Jumping Nukitsuke




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